This project has the goal of linking Pesaro citizens to their territory. It studies the homes of illustrators, graphic designers, photographers or anyone related to the world of art and communication belonging to the same social class but of different ages. The owners seem apparently very similar because they belong to the same working environment but if we analyze the objects in their homes, we can find a different complexity deriving mainly from the various ages of the subjects and their different experiences. Entering these private environments we try to observe and study the subject in his home and through the “window” object we have a device that allows us to look at the Pesaro territory in close relationship to the owner’s life. […]

This creates a series of photographs which tell the past and present life of each person, the relationships with the loved ones and with their city. It creates an environment within the environment, with strong relation between inside and outside, past and present. […]

The window is an important visual and conceptual link, between the inside and the outside of the house. The interior is the place where you can get to know the person who lives in the house, through its objects and the relationship that this person has with them; we can also discover the total control that the person has over the objects, it is only he/she who chooses the type of objects to put in his/her own home and their disposition, declaring it as part of his/her personality. The exterior is what the person looks, studies, observes through the window. Our window is the camera, and thanks to it we can look, study and observe the subject. […]


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