Dreams, signs and memory

Graphic interpretation of dreams


This research project is an attempt to visually represent and interpret some typical dreams of the western culture through the use of the tools provided by graphics, photography and video art. The single edited video is a transposition of two of the most frequently investigated typical dreams (the dream of flying and the dream of falling) and we could define it as the manifest content of the represented typical dream. The graphic representation of the research explains and interprets the elements of this typical ”videodream”, trying to highlight the latent content of the dream itself. The project starts from the study of the investigations carried out by the Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and other contemporary scholars who have scientifically analyzed the dreams being able to interpret the key elements and applicants. In particular, Freud began a study of a number of dreams, referred to as “typical” because they are common to all humanity. So, following his example we have sought and examined various statistics carried out in the western world about this kind of dreams so that we are able to study shared perceptual experiences rather than individual. This project could also support psychoanalysts in the explanation of the dream to the patient thanks to the use of visual communication rather than verbal.

[thesis of graphic design course – Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania 2011 – Supervisor: Giorgio Potenza]