This project was created initially with the desire to tell a story for children. After doing some research on children stories, I took particular interest in those of Joseph Rudyard Kipling and in the fables of Aesop and Phaedrus. But, how can we use photography to tell these kinds of stories in which illustration is often used? The answer came during various studies on toys created by Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari. So I thought of using animal toy forms which children and adults identify more as “exotic” and that we, probably, can only see in zoos or on television .

So I created the story of the zoologist Samuel T. Anderson who joins an international safari and big-game hunting group to study animals around the world. […] The ultimate goal was to create a fun illusion creating alteration of real space in a few square meters of green (the last photo in the sequence is the garden / set I used). Fleeting appearances of the life of animals of the jungle in a natural setting that lends itself as a backdrop. A staged photo shoot with fake animals as if the photographer were inside a deep jungle guided by scholars and hunters, studying the interaction between environment and these animal-toys.

Supervisor: Mario Cresci