Rebirth diary

This project tries to be an humble help to people who suffer from eating disorders and their families.

After carrying out an extensive research on these diseases and on the various treatment and / or forms of help I created a project that through the use of analogue photography (although experimental), can be at least an initial thrust towards a cure. Most therapies for DCA recommend always keeping a food diary to be filled out with the everyday meals. This idea inspired me to start from this principle but replacing the pen with a camera, and then photographing what you eat rather than writing it.

I simulated the diary of an anorexic girl, and i began from an initial collage of “thininspiration” and then i showed through analogue photography gestures and habits through which you can tell whether a person, maybe close to us, is suffering from these disorders. Then I conceptually represented the “dark” phase of a girl in the midst of DCA and afterwards a progressive healing and the “rebirth” through still life photos. In closing a food journal has been attached to the diary, assigned by doctors to people who want to heal from these disorders.









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